Introducing The Toyota Production System (TPS) For Successful Metal Cutting Band Saw Manufacturing

Why Rong Fu decided to use the TPS to maximize customer service and minimize lead times for delivery of metal cutting band saw product lines


What is the Toyota Production System?

The Toyota Production System (TPS) is a method of improving efficiency and eliminating waste during the production process. It was developed by the Toyota Motor Corporation engineers over several decades between 1948 and 1975 and has been the driving force behind the Just In Time (JIT) and Lean Manufacturing principles adopted by many globally successful companies.

Did you know?

  1. The Toyota Production System was developed and refined over nearly three decades
  2. Just In Time and Lean Manufacturing principles come from the TPS concept
  3. The TPS reduces waste by reducing inconsistency and increasing flexibility by design

Why does Rong Fu use the TPS for metal cutting bandsaw manufacturing?


The principles of the TPS apply to all sorts of manufacturing industries, not just auto manufacturing. As a metal cutting bandsaw manufacturer, we recognized that the TPS could be applied to our own business to manufacture better bandsaws.

Across the world, manufacturers now use the principles of the TPS to increase efficiency, starting with the basic principle of Just In Time manufacturing (JIT). JIT is one outcome of applying the TPS approach to your business. By only producing what you need to supply your customers you keep inventory and supply chain costs at a minimum.

The main focus of the TPS is to find the best ways to eliminate physical waste, wasted time and wasted actions from your production system. The TPS introduces working concepts that should be used to make your day to day operations better by continuous improvement, innovation and accuracy, all supported by a respectful and cooperative working environment.

What are the five supporting pillars of the TPS?

  1. Continuous improvement
  2. Innovating to meet challenges
  3. Quality and accuracy in production
  4. Respectful working practices
  5. Strong team working principles

The core principles of the TPS fit very well with Rong Fu’s philosophy of efficiency, innovation and respect, so we found it was a natural and easy way for us to improve our working practices and increase the efficiency of our metal cutting bandsaw manufacturing.

What do we mean by manufacturing waste?

The TPS is more than just matching your production outputs to your customers. You also need to look at how you can make the entire production process more cost effective and more efficient. The TPS uses the term ‘waste’ to describe inefficient ways of doing business.

One of the main features of the TPS is to eliminate waste activities in your day to day production processes, this is just as important as reducing physical manufacturing waste. There is a strong focus on waste that comes from poor use of time or not catching errors quickly enough because this causes physical waste, increases costs and reduces efficiency.

What are the 8 waste reduction targets of the TPS?

  1. Eliminate overproduction
  2. Reduce waiting time
  3. Minimize transportation
  4. Eliminate processing waste
  5. Don’t manufacture excess inventory
  6. Minimize movement
  7. Don’t make defective products
  8. Keep your workers productively occupied

There are eight types of waste identified in the TPS, including manufacturing too much stock, which is where the philosophy of Just In Time comes from – you should only manufacture what you need to meet the demands of your customers. There is no point in keeping excess stock if you don’t have a customer who wants it.

If you manufacture too much stock there is a danger of trying to sell a customer what you have in stock instead of what they need. You should focus instead on ‘customer pull’ rather than ‘market push’ to ensure you continuously innovate and adapt to provide the best possible match to your customers.

How does the Rong Fu metal cutting bandsaw production line follow TPS principles?


In the TPS  manufacturing process, keeping your workers occupied and minimizing waiting time and delays between stages of production are important considerations. This is why a production process which engages our workers simultaneously on different manufacturing tasks is a feature of our metal cutting bandsaw assembly line.

Metal cutting bandsaws move along the production line to the next worker to carry out each process in the production sequence.Tools for each process are stored ready to hand. This enables us to minimize movement, keep workers occupied, and eliminate lost time looking for tools or walking around the factory to the next job.

Throughout our metal cutting bandsaw production line we maintain continuous quality assurance testing at regular stages. This reduces the likelihood of defects in manufacturing, and enables us to identify any possible errors as soon as they occur without wasting further time and effort finishing a machine before identifying a problem.

How does TPS help us produce better metal cutting bandsaws?


At Rong Fu, our development of strong teamwork and quality assurance systems that are integrated into an efficient lean manufacturing process is key to ensuring we supply the highest possible quality of metal cutting bandsaw to our customers, on time, every time.

Reduction of material and process waste in manufacturing and using an efficient, quality checked, continuous manufacturing process means that our customers get recently manufactured state-of-the-art metal cutting bandsaws and not old stock that has been sitting in a warehouse waiting to have a brand name added for a buyer.

Our focus on excellent teamwork and respect extends to our customers as well as our design and manufacturing team, and this is obvious when you work with us to realize your requirements for high quality, up to date metal cutting bandsaws manufactured to your specific requirements.

Rong Fu Metal Cutting Bandsaws: Built To TPS Standards

A metal cutting bandsaw, like the Rong Fu RF330 pictured above, is a complex machine requiring attention to detail in manufacturing to achieve the best results. At Rong Fu we manufacture a range of standard bandsaws that are customizable to meet our customer requirements with configurations and features to satisfy your needs.

  • Portable, Bench or Floor Mounting
  • Vertical, Horizontal or Variable Blade Alignment
  • Cost-Saving DC Variable Speed Motors
  • 3-Phase Metal Cutting Band Saws
  • Gearhead or Belt Drive (three stage)
  • One Way or Two Way Swivel
  • Hydraulic Downfeed Control
  • Coolant Systems for Wet Cutting
  • Tru-lock Vise
  • Semi Auto Saw Bow Lifting
  • Semi Auto Hydraulic Vise
  • Quick Change Systems for Horizontal to Vertical Cutting

Contact us to find out why our metal cutting bandsaws are the preferred choice for many global brands. All Rong Fu metal cutting bandsaws are constructed to our excellent quality control standards, manufactured with respect by our dedicated team, and packed with features to optimize your work.

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