Precision Metal Cutting : Rong Fu Band Saw Machines

With our over 40 years of expertise as an OEM manufacturer we are committed to delivering cutting-edge band saw technology tailored to meet your unique application requirements.

  • Versatile line: Portable, bench-top, floor models, 4″-20″ capacities
  • Customizable: Variable speeds, coolant, hydraulic downfeed and more
  • Trusted quality: In-house manufacturing, ISO 9001, rigorous testing
Select Cutting Range

We offer an extensive range of steel cutting band saw machine and metalworking sawing machinery. We have grouped our metal band saw range by machine size & cutting capacity to help you quickly find the model that suits your needs. 

The Rong Fu Metal Cutting Band Saw Range

We can supply metal cutting band saw machines with a variety of features and options depending on the exact requirement:

  • Portable, Bench or Floor Mounting
  • Vertical, Horizontal or Variable Blade Alignment
  • Cost-Saving DC Variable Speed Motors
  • 3-Phase Metal Cutting Band Saws
  • Gearhead or Belt Drive (three stage)
  • One Way or Two Way Swivel
  • Hydraulic Downfeed Control
  • Coolant Systems for Wet Cutting
  • Tru-lock Vise
  • Semi Auto Saw Bow Lifting
  • Semi Auto Hydraulic Vise
  • Quick Change Systems for Horizontal to Vertical Cutting

We work closely with our customers to identify the most significant and useful features they require.

Popular Models

Quality & Reliability

  • In House Manufacturing
  • Quality Control & Testing

The high quality and reliability of our metal-cutting bandsaws comes from 40 years of experience in matching products to the needs of all types of customer.

We are a vertically integrated company, and control all parts of the design, manufacturing and quality control process without outsourcing. This is why we are an OEM metalworking bandsaw manufacturer of choice for our customers.

band saw machines

In House Band Saw Manufacturing

Our commitment to quality is enabled by our management of the whole process of equipment development, manufacture and testing. Unlike some bandsaw suppliers we do not outsource our production process.

This enables us to respond quickly to customer requests for specific features and products. In-house manufacturing ensures that we have expertise on hand to respond to service and use questions rapidly and expertly, saving time for our customers.

Band Saw QC & Testing

We practice strict quality control and testing procedures and maintain ISO9001 registration for our processes. Our metal cutting bandsaws meet or exceed the requirements of global markets, including CE certification in Europe.

All equipment is rigorously tested and calibrated by our expert staff before shipping. The test cuts that our quality control team carry out are measured to ensure they are within tolerance and the test documentation and samples are packaged with the bandsaw when it is dispatched.

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