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RongFu is one of the top metal cutting band saw manufacturers that supplies a large number of global brands throughout North America and other countries with OEM industrial bandsaw products tailored for each market’s requirements.

We provide not only metal cutting band saws, but also mill drill machines and drill presses to serve small workshops and industrial production facilities with durable and easy to use products they can rely on.

Our production and assembly is based at our factory in central Taiwan and we quality test and ship all of our products from here to maintain total quality control

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Semi-Auto Band Saw RF-300/335

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European Band Saw RF-270DRV/320VAA

Metal Cutting Band Saw
Production Quality

With over four decades of expertise as one of the leading industrial metal cutting band saw manufacturers we have accumulated in depth expertise on the most effective production and quality control methods for our products.

We have a large, dedicated quality control team that is tightly integrated with production lines to carry out detailed inspection and testing on every single machine we produce. We also provide cutting test samples for each product to guarantee the accuracy of our metal band saw products.

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