Precision Mill Drill Machines To Boost Your Productivity

Rong Fu’s heavy-duty mill drill machines deliver accuracy and durability for industrial milling and drilling applications. We offer custom solutions backed by decades of expertise

  • Versatile bench/floor models, gear/belt-driven for workspace needs
  • Heavy-duty castings, sturdy columns & precise slideways
  • Customizable: powered downfeeds, DROs, coolant systems
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We offer an wide range of Mill Drill Machines. Our range includes vertical machines and also milling machines with adjustable head angles across a wide range of drilling capacity. We have grouped our mill drill machines by Belt and Gear Type to help you quickly find the model that suits your needs. 

The RongFu Mill Drill Machine Range

Rong Fu tilting head milling drilling machines have optional features that include variable spindle speeds and belt driven or gear head drives so support the flexible needs of small workshops.

We offer the following standard features and options:

Geared Head Mill Drill Machines

  • Bench or Floor Standing
  • 6 Speed Gear Head
  • Square Column with Dovetailed Slideways
  • Tilting Head Left 90° Right 30°
  • Rapid Spindle Changes by Quick Select Gear Shift Levers
  • High and Low Speed Spindle / Quill with Forward and Reverse Operation
  • Fine Feed Handwheel for Wide Range Control
  • Light Duty Spindle Power Down Feed 0.12- 0.18 – 0.25mm/rev.
  • Heavy Duty Spindle Power Down Feed 0.1 – 0.2 – 0.3 – 0.4mm/rev.
  • Digital Readout
  • Square or Cross Table Design
  • 360° Table Rotation
  • Tilting Cross Work Table +/- 90°
  • Coolant Base System

Belt Type Mill Drill Machines

  • Bench or Floor Standing
  • Step Pulley Drive
  • Square or Cross Tables
  • Spindle with Heavy Duty Tapered Roller Bearings for Durability
  • Standard or Spindle Powered Down Feed (0.12- 0.18 – 0.25mm/rev)
  • Heavy Duty Cast Head for Rigidity
  • Heavy Duty Vertical Column Casting for Strength & Stability
  • 360° Swivel Heads

Our heavy duty mill drill machines feature powered downfeed, integrated coolant systems, working lights and digital readout options for milling and drilling jobs in industrial environments.

Our Models
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Quality & Reliability

  • In House Manufacturing
  • Quality Control & Testing

We have a strong customer base who recognise that the high quality and reliability of our mill drills comes from our long experience of matching products to the needs of all types of customer.

We maintain our quality standards by including all the requirements of mill drill design, manufacturing and testing in our production processes without outsourcing.

In House Manufacturing

We manage the whole process of equipment development, manufacture and testing in-house, relying on the extensive expertise of our experienced team. Unlike some mill drill machine suppliers we do not outsource our production process.

We monitor quality at all stages of the design and manufacturing process. In-house product development and manufacturing ensures we have a very experienced team who can respond rapidly to customer requests for specific features and products.

In-house manufacturing also ensures that we have expertise on hand to respond to service and use questions without delay, saving time for our customers.

Quality Control & Testing

Our quality control and testing procedures meet or exceed ISO9001 requirements. We maintain ISO9001 registration for our processes. Our mill drill machines are certified to international standards, including CE certification in Europe.

Our expert staff undertake quality testing with a touch probe to verify X,Y and Z axis accuracy of our mill drill tables before shipping. All equipment is calibrated before dispatch, offering our customers peace of mind that our mill drills will be ready for work immediately.

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