Reliable & Versatile: Rongfu Drilling Machines

You demand accuracy and durability for your industrial drilling applications. Rong Fu’s drilling machines deliver with robust construction, tailored configurations, and features designed to maximize your productivity.

  • Versatile options tailored for you: Variable speeds, depth stops, and specialized drilling machine types like radial drills.
  • Built to last: Heavy-duty columns, bases, and gear-driven helical gearboxes ensure long-lasting precision.
  • Optimize your workflow: Quick-eject spindle tapers, reversible rotation for tapping, and high clearances keep you operating efficiently.
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We offer an wide range of Drill Press Machines. We have grouped our Drill Press machines by Belt and Gear Type to help you quickly find the model that suits your needs. 

The Rong Fu Drilling Machine Range

Perfectly suited for metal drilling and available in configurations for any type of drill bit and drilling application, our drilling machines / drill presses can be supplied with a range of lubrication and speed setting options in bench-top or floor-standing configurations.

We manufacture belt type and gear driven drilling machines & drill presses with a wide range of options and features:

Belt Type Milling Drilling Machines

  • Standard or Variable Speed Control
  • Bench or Floor Standing
  • European Type Drilling Machines
  • Heavy Duty Columns and Bases for Stability and Precision
  • Speed Drilling Machines
  • Radial Drills for High Clearance Applications
  • Rotating Machine Heads for Workpiece Positioning
  • Deep Spindle Nose to Table Clearances

Geared Head Milling Drilling Machines

  • Quiet, Reliable 8-Speed Helical Gearboxes
  • Variable Speed (75 – 3,140 rpm)
  • Manual or Powered Down Feeds (08 – 0.12 – 0.16 – 0.22mm/rev)
  • Quick Eject Spindle Taper Tools
  • Reversible Rotation for Tapping Operations
  • Square Tables
  • High Clearances
Our Models

Quality & Reliability

Our customers recognise the high quality and reliability of our drill presses. This comes from 40 years of experience in matching products to specific customer needs.

Two core principles have supported our success:

  • In House Manufacturing
  • Quality Control & Testing

We are an OEM manufacturer of choice in North American and European markets because we control all stages of design, manufacturing and testing and do not outsource.

In House Manufacturing

Our commitment to quality is demonstrated by our in-house management of the production cycle of development, manufacture and testing, with quality assurance carried out during all stages of the design and manufacturing process.

This enables us to swiftly respond to customer requests for specific features and products. In-house manufacturing ensures that we have expertise on hand to answer service and use queries rapidly and expertly, saving time for our customers.

Quality Control & Testing

We practice strict quality control and testing procedures and maintain ISO9001 registration for our processes through all stages of the manufacturing process. Our drill presses meet or exceed the requirements of global markets, including CE certification in Europe

All equipment is rigorously tested and calibrated by our expert staff before it is shipped and supplied with the test results and samples. This provides our customers with peace of mind that our drill presses will arrive ready for work.

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