Portable Metal Band Saws For Construction

Portable metal band saws are an essential tool for the construction industry, making precision cutting of metal sections, rod and metal bar a quick and easy process. Portable metal band saws increase construction efficiency and reduce errors caused by inaccurate cutting with manual power tools.

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Powerful portable metal band saws make short work of construction jobs

Even the smallest portable metal band saws in the Rong Fu line-up like the Rong Fu RF-125 shown here, have the capacity, precision and reliability that makes them valuable tools for the construction industry. The simplicity and power of this gear drive portable band saw enables construction workers to make reliable cuts in steel sections up to 3¾” at 45° and 4¾” straight cuts for excellent jointing and welding preparation.

Why are portable metal band saws so useful for construction work?

Portable metal band saws are preferred to many other types of cutting tool on construction sites for three very good reasons: 

  1. Rapid cutting, even through hard materials
  2. Reliable, accurate, repeated cutting with minimal kerf
  3. Durable and safer to operate than disc cutters and chop-saws

In the construction industry, having a reliable cutting tool that can do repetitive jobs with high precision reduces time wasted in fettling and correcting cutting errors. This is especially important when fabricating frames and trusses on-site, and if materials will need to be welded after cutting.

What are the capabilities of portable metal band saws compared to workshop metal cutting band saws? 

Portable metal band saws in 2023 are available in a variety of sizes and types. Bigger portable metal band saws are mobile versions of standard metal cutting band saws with modifications to make them easier to transport. A larger band saw can be made portable by fitting a wheeled chassis. This makes it easier to move the band saw around a construction site and load it into a vehicle. 

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The RF-912 metal cutting band saw shown above is an example of a large, but still portable metal band saw in our 9”-20” capacity range. The RF-912 has advanced cutting capacity and capabilities you would normally expect from a workshop band saw, and comes in both belt drive and gear drive versions depending on customer requirements. 

With a 9” straight cutting capacity and 6” capacity at 45°, the RF-912 is easily capable of handling the metal cutting band saw requirements of larger construction sites, but can still be moved without difficulty and transported to where it is most needed on-site. The RF-812 and RF-712 metal cutting band saws offer similar features with 8” and 7” straight cut capacities. 

Is there an optimum portable metal band saw for every workshop and construction site?

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The gear driven RF-150V is the best all-round portable metal band saw for general use in our 4”-8” range, with a straight cutting capacity of 6” and 3½” capacity at at 45°. Despite its light weight and portability, the RF-150V has an impressive range of features that make it especially suitable as a portable band saw for construction use.

  • Adjustable Cutting Angle from 0º – 60º
  • Digital Electronic Speed Regulator
  • Powerful 450w DC Single Phase Motor
  • Anti-reset Safety Feature
  • Can Cut Without Lubrication
  • Locking Device for Easy Handling

CE marked and approved with full certification for EU and US markets, the RF-150V offers a rugged, cost-effective and reliable portable metal band saw that can be easily transported and also provides serious cutting power and efficiency. 

Rong Fu portable metal band saws

As the metal cutting band saw manufacturer of choice for global machine tool companies, Rong Fu has more than forty years of experience as a metal cutting band saw manufacturer. We produce a broad range of metal cutting band saws from small portable metal band saws and tabletop band saws to very large static metal cutting band saws for industrial use. 

We believe that our extensive and feature-rich range shows our dedication to satisfying the design and feature requirements of our customers. Our Toyota Production System manufacturing process ensures our customers get the metal band saws they want, on time and without manufacturing defects or delivery issues. 
Contact us to identify the Rong Fu metal cutting band saw that best meets your needs, or to discuss customization options to create new products for your brand. Our excellent quality control standards ensure that your customers will be as happy as you will be with Rong Fu products.

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