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Why OEM Brands Choose Rong Fu For Metal Cutting Bandsaws & Mill Drill Machines?

Rong Fu is the ideal partner for OEM Brand manufacturing of metal cutting bandsaws and mill drill machines because we deliver seamless integration with your brand. We help you maintain your strategic position in the marketplace with quality and excellence you can trust.

How do you identify the ideal OEM brand partner for metal cutting bandsaws & mill drill machines?

A problem for OEM brands is finding a manufacturing partner who will meet all your requirements to ensure success for your brand. This is because the OEM brand manufacturing market is highly competitive. When entering into global markets and partnerships, it can be difficult to trust the credentials and manufacturing claims of potential suppliers. How do you decide which direction to go when making such an important decision?

What are 8 desirable features of an OEM brand manufacturing partner?

  1. Seamless integration of your brand into the manufacturing process
  2. Capacity and expertise to produce a range of models
  3. Excellent quality management
  4. Safety certifications and compliance with global standards
  5. Competitive wholesale pricing
  6. Flexible minimum order quantities (MOQs) tailored to your needs
  7. Technical and test data and samples for marketing information
  8. A long history of successful partnerships and excellent customer support

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What do we mean by seamless brand integration?

  • Customizable colors, logos & decals
  • Standardized safety & certification markings

When looking for an OEM brand partner you want products that can be easily customized to include your brand labeling and style, including color schemes, logos and decals. Rong Fu manufactures metal cutting bandsaws, and mill drill machines, like the RF-500S above, to match your brand marketing style with any color scheme and finishes that you desire. We also routinely attach certification and safety decals and labeling, which are customizable for different global markets.

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Why is it important to be able to supply a wide range of models?

  • Match your target customer market segments
  • No need to manage multiple suppliers

Most OEM manufacturers offer a range of metal cutting bandsaws or mill drill machines with different features and capacities to fit into the price points and requirements of all your target customer market segments. Rong Fu can supply you with everything from small, portable, machines, like the 6” capacity RF150-V, to sophisticated industrial models with advanced electronics and customizable features like our RF-1018S (above) to ensure you can match your products to all customer segments without having to shop around and manage multiple suppliers.

OEM brands need excellent quality management to be competitive

  • Bad reviews harm your brand
  • Look for recognized quality management systems

It only takes a few bad customer reviews to harm your brand. That is why efficient quality managed production systems are a priority when choosing an OEM manufacturing partner. At Rong Fu we integrate quality control into all stages of our in-house application of the Toyota Production System to our metal cutting bandsaw and mill drill machine manufacturing. This ensures every machine we manufacture and ship is assembled and tested to exactly the same high quality standards that you want.

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What about global certifications and safety standards?

  • Products must meet CE and global standards
  • A properly certified supplier protects your brand

An essential part of OEM brand manufacturing is to ensure the product is genuinely certified for the target market, wherever it may be. At Rong Fu, our ISO certified manufacturing system and thoroughly tested designs are produced to both European (CE) and global equipment, power, and safety standards. This gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your brand is protected by our audited and certified products and processes.

How competitive is your OEM brand manufacturing?

  • Customers want quality and reliability at an affordable price
  • Excellent supply chain management and production systems increase competitiveness

Rong Fu manufactures our range of metal cutting bandsaws and mill drill machines from our modern, fully equipped and efficient manufacturing facility in Taiwan. Our long history, experience, and location gives us access to high quality materials and components, like bearings, seals, and fasteners, that are manufactured locally or by reputable manufacturers in Japan. We operate Toyota Production System lean manufacturing protocols, and this, combined with our excellent supply chain, enables us to offer extremely high quality at very competitive pricing to our OEM brand partners.

Do you find it hard to get MOQs that meet your business cycle requirements?

  • Lean production enables efficient switching between models
  • Mixed product batches can be shipped straight from the production line

Some manufacturers rely on old-fashioned mass production lines and high levels of stock holding, this makes them unable to meet the demands of modern businesses for flexible production with low minimum order quantities. We can switch our production line extremely rapidly to any of our range of metal cutting bandsaws and mill drills because of the flexibility and efficiency of our lean manufacturing systems. This also ensures that we do not have old stock sitting in a warehouse waiting to be sold, every Rong Fu product is shipped to you straight from the production line.

How difficult is it to produce customer documentation for your OEM brand products?

  • Test samples and supporting data build customer confidence
  • Look for a long history of manufacturing and experience supplying documentation

We supply test data and test samples with our metal cutting bandsaws, so every single one comes with supporting evidence for your customers of quality and effectiveness. Our long manufacturing history and experience across our extensive range of products makes it very easy for us to supply you with all the information required to produce accurate, branded, customer manuals, information and marketing materials.

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Why wouldn’t OEM brands choose Rong Fu for metal cutting bandsaws & mill drill machines?

When we look at how many ways we can ‘tick the box’ for our OEM brand customers, it’s hard to see why you wouldn’t choose Rong Fu as your OEM brand manufacturing partner. In the competitive, modern business environment the days are long gone of mass production and limited customization. Our business has developed over the decades to respond to the changing needs of our OEM brand customers, so it shouldn’t be surprising that we can answer all the questions OEM brands bring to us!

We have been in the business of manufacturing OEM metal cutting bandsaws and mill drill machines for more than 40 years, supplying globally recognized brands with dependable, high quality products that their customers love and keep coming back for. Contact us to discuss how our range of metal cutting bandsaws and mill drill machines can meet all the requirements of your OEM brand.

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