How Listening to Our Customers Helps Us Make Better Metal Cutting Bandsaws

Metal cutting bandsaws retain their importance today as essential, and versatile tools for steel cutting, and it’s necessary to match the right product to the right customer if you want to succeed in the competitive market of 2024. How do we ensure that we are manufacturing metal cutting bandsaws that meet the needs of the OEM market? At Rong Fu, we listen to our customers and use their feedback to update our processes and products as part of our continuous improvement model. 


Who are our customers, and how do we stay competitive in the metal cutting bandsaw market?

As an OEM metal cutting bandsaw manufacturer, we are very much aware that we have to make products that appeal to two types of customer: 

  1. Metal cutting bandsaw operators
  2. OEM metal cutting bandsaw brands

Without a consumer public who want to purchase metal cutting bandsaws, the entire workshop machinery market would be in trouble, so customer satisfaction at the consumer level is very important. This is significant for us as manufacturers of OEM workshop machinery, and to our direct customers, OEM retailers, who brand and market the products we manufacture for them.


Rong Fu market research focuses on end users & OEM brand retailers

To make sure that our metal cutting bandsaws meet the needs of end users as well as OEM brand retailers, we conduct market research as part of our quality management and customer service processes. Our aim is to manufacture products that are appealing to consumers while maintaining a relationship with OEM brands that helps their businesses to be efficient and profitable.

What do metal cutting bandsaw operators want?

We send out periodic surveys to people who use our products to find out what they want to be able to do with a metal cutting bandsaw. We ask questions about the features they use and request suggestions for any modifications or improvements that they would like to have included in new models. This is much better than expecting consumers to make their own bandsaw modifications or accessories!


User surveys provide feedback on customer preferences

As an example, we carried out a survey of the most common sawing angles used by international customers who had purchased one of our small metal cutting bandsaws, the RF-128, pictured above. The results were partly what you would expect, but also gave useful feedback on preferences.

  • Most commonly used cutting angles are 0/90° and 45°
  • 30% of respondents frequently use other cutting angles
  • 50% of respondents would like a quick-set vise feature for 0/90° and 45°

Surveys provide a rapid, and machine specific, way of discovering customer experiences that can be more accessible and practical than in-depth academic research on cutting angles

Rong Fu metal cutting bandsaws score highly on operator feedback

Our end-user survey feedback shows that our metal cutting bandsaws continue to meet the expectations and needs of operators, with features and accessories that satisfy a wide range of potential requirements. This is because we have a history of listening to our customers, and manufacturing the equipment they want to use. This is very relevant to our OEM metal cutting bandsaw retailers, but we also need to make sure we satisfy their needs as our business partners.


How do we make sure we meet the needs of OEM metal cutting bandsaw brands?

We carry out site visits to our local partners, as well as sending out a customer satisfaction survey every year as part of maintaining our ISO standards. The survey is focused on the needs of our OEM clients, and includes questions to assess how well we perform as a supplier. 

What is included in our ISO customer satisfaction survey each year?

  • Efficiency of the quotation process
  • Quality of product information
  • Product quality assessment
  • Shipping & delivery
  • After-sales service
  • Functionality of products
  • Pricing, invoicing & collection
  • Interaction with sales & management team
  • Research & development

The Rong Fu customer relationship model responds to customer feedback

We look for feedback on our efficiency and effectiveness at all service levels, including quality of catalogs, manuals, and customer communication, quotations, shipping and after sales service, as well as the formal requirements for payments and pricing.

Visit our production line and see our manufacturing processes

We also invite our customers to visit our company headquarters in Taiwan to tour our production line and discover how we apply the Toyota Production System to maximize quality and efficiency at every level of our company management and manufacturing processes. 

Discover an OEM brand partner who listens to all their customers

Listening to customers is part of the process of the Toyota Production System, which we use to improve products and service delivery. Contact us to discover how we use customer feedback to manufacture the most desirable metal cutting bandsaws for today’s market!

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