Glossary Terms​

Zero Clearance Insert

A zero clearance insert, also known as a throat plate, is an accessory used in band saws and other cutting tools to replace the standard

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Worm Gear

A worm gear is a type of gear used in band saws or other machinery to transfer power or motion between non-parallel, non-intersecting shafts, typically

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A worktable is the flat, stable surface provided on a band saw or other cutting tool to support the workpiece during cutting operations. Worktables can

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A Workpiece refers to the item that is being cut, drilled, or otherwise worked on by a bandsaw or milling machine. It can be made

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Wheel Width

Wheel width refers to the size of the drive and idler wheels’ face or contact area used in a band saw or other cutting tool.

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Wheel Guard

A wheel guard is a protective component used in band saws to enclose the drive and idler wheels, preventing accidental contact with the moving wheels

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